Vega Testing and the Sceptics

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In everything we do or see, there are always sceptics, but a basic understanding of the procudures, the proof and the testimonials, clearly show otherwise.

Vega testing has been around for many years, in fact every doctors surgery throughout Germany has a device to hand, with an experienced GP using it.

The testing is definitive, that is, it can be reproduced time and time again, so one test agent, suitably trained, will acheive absolutely identical results on the subject, there is no variation whatsoever.  Reports of different agents obtaining different results are clearly down to the operator, no one can just pick up a Vega device and use it, lots of documented training is needed.

The device does not emit huge amounts of electricity, it is a passive device, that is it places a substance in circuit using a wheastone bridge principal, which is resistive.

Results are also definitive, there is no guess work in the result, the device can not be made to change the result.

Proof is really in the customers reports, we will be posting many of these, but just to say that the BBC visitied our offices for a test of the reporter, and successfully identified a long standing allergy that no GP or hospital came even close to…

What more proof is needed…

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