The Allergy Test

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Painless with Immediate results.
Our allergy test process is painless, no blood or needles, and is extremely accurate, a full test takes around one hour for 150 natural and synthetic substances. After the test, time is taken to explain the results and give advice on a future diet based on the results. After 8 weeks, you should return to the centre where a retest will be give free of charge (offer from 10th Nov 08), and providing you have adhered to the advice given you should see positive results.
  • Immediate Results
  • Painless, no Needles or Blood Samples

Test Process.

We have within the clinic, several hundred synthetic and natural substances in viales, these are substituted in circuit with your body and we electronically see and hear the results, the indication is always very clear, there very little room for doubt. In addition we also test for Mineral and Vitamin deficiences as well as E Numbers.

DipBer Machines.
The machines used are high quality german made devices, and can be found in most doctors surgeries within Germany, as a standard diagnosis tool. Virtually any substance can be tested.

The testing method used is one of several capable of use within the field of Bio-Electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER). This system is based on the theory of utilising the acupuncture pressure points on the fingers or toes to measure resistance in the body to substances the client wishes to be tested for.

All Ages.
Tests can be carried out on peole of all ages, however it is recommended that small infants are not being weened. A mini test is also suggested.

* Test All Ages
* 150 + Substances

The Tests .
Many hundreds of sunstances can be use, we have selected the top 150

* Natural
* Synthetic
* Vitamins and Minerals
* Drugs
* Tropical Diseases
* E Numbers
* Organs

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