Allergic to Coffee, Mussels and Butter

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“I had my allergy test done with Kate 2 weeks ago. I found out that I was intolerant/allergic to coffee, mussels and butter. All of these I didn’t enjoy anyway. My big food love was sugar (honey on toast for breakfast, ginger nuts and mini chocolate bars as daily treats). I needed sugar daily in fact after every meal and when I found out I was intolerant to sugar I was shocked. I was also found to be deficient in chromium (which explained why I needed to have my sugar fix constantly). As a very fit person I stay with ease in the healthy weight range for my height and have for ten years been the same weight. After the first week I lost 5 pounds and my sugar cravings had totally gone! The first 3 days were tough but now I feel great – lighter, healthier and full of energy.”
Kate Llewelyn-Waters, London

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